Remote Backup

What would happen to YOUR practice if your patient data was lost, stolen or damaged?
When it comes to the integrity of your data, there is NO room for error or doubt!

WestStar is proud to present: A Monitored  ● Off-Site ● Secure ● HIPAA Compliant Remote Backup Service

On April 21, 2005 new HIPAA regulations went into effect requiring each Covered Entity to have a disaster recovery plan in place. No data protection strategy is complete without off-site protection from disasters. 

  • Backups start automatically according to the schedule we determine with you and  requires no intervention on your part.  You will receive an email each day letting you know that your backup completed successfully.  Our IT experts are monitoring your offsite backup DAILY to ensure the process completes accurately and successfully.  If there is an issue, we take care of it immediately on your behalf. 
  • Files are encrypted and completely secure, because your data is sent over the Internet via a secure channel using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Technology. Our Remote Backup software encrypts your information using your unique 256 bit encrytopn key for complete security.  Because your encryption key is stored only on your computer and is never transmitted over the Internet, only you ever has access to your files.  
  • Sends your backup immediately off-site and stored safely away.  All of your files are sent to two secure data centers, located hundreds of miles apart from each other.  Each data center has 24/7 monitoring, advanced security, backup generators ad redundant connections to the Internet.

Ask us about our Exclusive Tri-Level Security Program!

We want you to feel as confident about your data as we feel about ours. WestStar's exclusive tri-level program leaves nothing to chance.  Our process is completely HIPAA compliant and secure.

LEVEL ONE: We consult with you to make sure that you and your staff are using an appropriate on-site backup system, based on the size of your data files.

LEVEL TWO: WestStar's remote backup service sends your encrypted data offisite daily to two data centers. This is a secure, automatic process that protects you against accidental loss and data corruption. WestStar's backup service offers you HIPAA compliant disaster recovery and protects you from devastating accidental loss of data.

LEVEL THREE: WestStar's backup service makes a secondary encrypted copy of  your data on-site for quick recovery, if needed, to ensure a faster return to "business as usual" in the event of an unexpected system error.

How much does is cost? Most offices are at Class 3 (up to 10GB of stored data) which runs $39.95 a month. A Class 4 (up to 20GB of stored data) is only $49.95 a month. You are charged based upon the amount of compressed data stored on the data storage servers. How much your data will compress, and how much will be sent to the servers, is difficult to forecast. That’s why we offer a FREE, NO OBLIGATION, 30 day trial period. At the end of the trial period we will know exactly what your annual expenses will be.

Consider the causes of data loss: 44% Hardware Failure, 32% Human Error, 14% Software Corruption, 7% Computer Viruses, 3% Natural Disaster. Doesn’t it just make good common sense to have an automatic, off-site, backup service working for you?