Let's Talk Digital

We service and work with ALL digital products, so invest wisely in your practice and talk to us first!

      Consult with us before you commit!

Dental Imaging software is one of the most important business decisions you will ever make. All Dental Software is not created equal and neither is the digital radiography or photography products in today's marketplace.  If you choose your software based only on information from an individual sales representative, they may be unaware of the implications or compatibility issues that may result with the complexities of your network.   Consult with us first so we can assist you in evlauating the whole picture.

WestStar consultants work for you!  Because we do not sell or benefit from the sale of any dental technology, our unbiased recommendations and support can help you select the most efficient and functional product for your dental practice. We measure success by your successful integration and enhanced productivity.  YOUR BUSINESS IS OUR BUSINESS!

We measure success by your successful integration and enhanced productivity!

Chairside consultations with Ease!

WestStar is an authorized reseller of the popular Ergotron or ICW monitor mounts.  We offer an extensive array of products to ensure that your practice is functional, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing. We can hang a secondary monitor from the ceiling for a more relaxed viewing of x-rays which can even include TV capabilities for your patients enjoyment. We can mount monitors to most dental chairs for a more up close and personal experience to discuss your patient's treatment needs. Or, we can go directly to a wall to keep your counter tops sterile and clutter free. The possibilities are endless and completely customizable for your dental practice.