Managed Services

Stop waiting for your technology to break!

Your business success depends on your IT infrastructure.

You need WestStar to deliver proactive services that not only keep your network up and running, but running efficiently and effectively.

Managed Services provide us with valuable information on the health of your computers, servers and the network in general. One of the most important features of the service is that it provides us with numerous alerts and early warnings should something go wrong with one of the stations or your server. For example, in monitoring your server, we configure the system to alert us if one of the drives in the RAID has gone down, low disk space, failed chassis fan, high CPU utilization or temp, and much more. We can correct problems often times before an end user is ever aware that there was a problem at all.

Patch management is critical to the overall health of a network. Microsoft releases updates and security patches every Tuesday for its products. These updates are designed to plug security vulnerabilities in the operating systems and Microsoft products that you use every day. Did you know one of the biggest reasons that computers are infected in the first place is the lack of updates and patches? With our system, WestStar screens each patch that is released from Microsoft before it is allowed on your system. This is helpful to prevent auto updates from occurring that accept what ever Microsoft decides to send down.

In February 2013, Internet Explorer v10 was automatically installed on millions of computers across the country. This version is plagued with problems and typically results in costly down time and a service call to uninstall the software. With our managed agents in place, IE 10 would have never made it to your system in the first place.

Want to know how old your equipment is? How many Pentium 4 computers do I have left on my network? How many XP vs. Windows 7 computers are there? What versions of Microsoft Office are in use? All of these questions can be answered quickly with our managed services. Full audit reports are delivered at the frequency of your choice right to your email account. This information is invaluable when planning migrations to new software or building a replacement schedule of your workstations.

BitDefender Antivirus is a popular add-on to our managed clients. With our managed services and BitDefeder working together, we get a total picture of your spyware and malware protection from one console. All facets of the protection are monitored and centrally updated. If one of your stations contracts a spyware we can be alerted and in many cases clean it from our console without user intervention. Some of the more popular benefits of BitDefender include:

• Real-time antivirus protection and on-demand scanning
• Quick scanning of critical system areas
• Prevention of malware epidemics
• Automatic isolating infected computers
• System recovery after infection
• Load balancing and performance configuration
• Compact updates
• Device Control disabling and controlling external devices
• Anti-Spyware features that block phishing attacks
• Anti-Spam

As you can see, this really is important for the overall health of your network. When you consider the cost per hour of lost productivity if even one workstation is down, then adding protection that could better protect your systems and avert down time is why the service comes highly recommended. The days of reactive "break/fix" mentality are over. WestStar offers you a proactive approach to supporting your network!