WestStar Computer Consulting, Inc. is proud to offer a comprehensive All-In-One gateway security solution for businesses needing a firewall.

Our solution provides solid protection for your practice without breaking the bank!

    We have been disappointed with the level of protection afforded by the typical desktop based antivirus solutions on the market.  Too many times we see systems that have "protection" in place but spyware and malware continue to infest the systems costing hundreds of dollars to fix or reformat.  We have expanded our product offerings to include a more sophisticated approach by protecting the perimeter of the network at the gateway/router level.  Protecting the system BEFORE the malware reaches the PC.

    • HIPAA compliant
    • Modern Internet Security from virus and spyware
    • PCI compliant
    • Social Network blocking
    • Internet browsing filtering
    • & More

Our highly recommended device deep scans each packet coming from the internet for malware signatures and stops them at that point. While that is great, the security appliance does much more then just protect from viruses and spyware, it also allows web filtering and SPAM filtering as well.  We can block social networking, such as facebook, plus various other sites that your staff may be using without your permission on your network - the settings are customizable, so the sites you and your staff go to are completely under your control! Both the web and the SPAM filtering are top notch. The firewall that is built into this device also does stateful packet inspection which goes far beyond the protection of the router that may you have now.

Bottom line - you get MUCH MUCH better protection for your system!